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World Heritage Tours of Spain specializes in providing the best memorable tour experience. We’ve been in business since 2018, creating customized itineraries for our clients based around their personal plans and preferences. In our line of work we don’t only make plans, we help you build experiences and memories. Let us arrange the details of your next trip — call today for a free consultation.


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Day 1:  Arrival


Arrive into the beautiful city of Seville, either by plane or by train.  Your guides will be there to pick you up and escort you to our 18th century restored Spanish Farmhouse in close proximity to the city of Seville.


Relax and unwind with some traditional tapas and take a moment to take in Andalucía as a local would, with a glass of sangria.  Take a dip in the pool or simply sit in the garden and breath in Spain.

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Day 2:  Tour the Alcazar


Start off your day with morning breakfast at the Farmhouse before your first day of site seeing.


Imagine what it must have been like to be King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella in the mid-1400s as they entered the majestic Alcazar (a UNESCO World Heritage Site).  The Sevillian palace was built on the site of a residential fortress.  It is the oldest, still in use, royal palace in Europe today.


You will tour the intricacies of the entire palace as well as the huge and inspiring gardens.  We will stop for lunch in the garden before continuing on with the tour.

Day 3:  Tile Painting and Seville’s Grand Cathedral           

Have you ever wanted to know the origins of Spanish tile making or where the Flamenco got its beginning? Well today we will explore the neighborhood of Triana, the birth place of both!


We invite you to tour a traditional Spanish tile making factory where you will paint your own personal tile to take home.


After lunch we will tour the magnificent Cathedral of Seville, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and see the wonderful architecture and original frescos by Murillo, the Spanish painter.  You will also see where Christopher Columbus is buried.


Use the late afternoon to people watch with a glass of wine or sangria at a local tapas bar or shop the trendy Calle Serpas.

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Day 4: Paella Preparation and Flamenco Dance


Join us today to see how a Paella is made and participate in its preparation with our Chef.  Feast on paella, sangria and other delicacies from Southern Spain.


In the afternoon, we will have a private demonstration of the flamenco customs and costume used in of the traditional dance of Andalusia with a native Sevillian.  Try your hand at a few Flamenco dance steps as well!

BTN_CDVA cord.png

Day 5: Cordoba – The Mosque, the Alcazar and the Medina Azahara


Come along with us to the enchanting city of Cordoba to bear witness to the spectacular Mosque and Alcazar, where Isabella and Ferdinand established one of the first permanent tribunals of the Spanish Inquisition.  Both UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

After lunch we will take a short drive to visit the Medina Azahara, another UNESCO World Heritage Site that was built from 936 to 940 as the de facto capital of Al-Andalus, or Muslim Spain

Santa Cruz - iStock-544803238.jpg
BTN_SVL Seville.png

Day 6: Santa Cruz Neighborhood and Traditional Flamenco Dance


After a hearty breakfast at the Farmhouse we will then proceed to the heart of Seville, the neighborhood of Santa Cruz, to tour the myriad of narrow streets, small traditional shops and lots of eateries.


In the evening you will be treated to Seville’s finest and the oldest flam enco performance venue “Tablao Flamenco Los Gallos”.  Revel in the machine-gun rapid-fire foot stomps of the male flamenco dancers and the elegance of the female dancers with their beautiful dresses and the traditional gipsy chanting of the Flamenco songs along with their unique guitar playing.

Plaza Espana - iStock-583972036.jpg

Day 7:  Tower of Gold, Plaza de España and Traditional Lunch at Maria Luisa Park


We will integrate with the locals today as we make our way to the Torre de Oro (the Gold Tower) that controlled the entrance and departure to Spain’s inner regions.  From there we will make our way to the Plaza de España built for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929 and where you will find some of the best examples of tile work created in the Triana district for the exhibit.


We will then leave for a traditional lunch at one of the very typical restaurants near the Plaza de España.

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Ronda - iStock-1006399418.jpg

Day 8: Ronda


Today we will move our base of operations to the historic city of Ronda.  

We talk a lot about walking in the footsteps of the locals, in this case, the locals are American artists like Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles, who spent many summers here as part-time residents of Ronda’s old-town quarter called La Ciudad.

We invite you to tour this city with one of its local residence, who will take us through the back allies of the town and share its history.

After lunch we will tour the Jamon museum and watch how experts slice the Iberian ham.


I guarantee you will fall in love with the town of Ronda!

Estate in Ronda.jpg

Day 9:  Relax at the Estate or Tour Ronda

We invite you to relax at the Estate today, time to take a dip in the pool, sample tapas and collect your thoughts on what you have seen so far during this trip.  Work with our personal artist and writer for tips on how to capture your mind’s images on to paper or how to collect your thoughts around what you have seen so far.

Should you want to return to the town, for more site seeing or shopping, our driver will take you there.


Enjoy a traditional dinner prepared by our Chef at the Estate.

Alhambra - iStock-467906724.jpg

Day 10:  The Alhambra, Granada


As if one magnificent palace wasn’t enough for the Spanish Royals, join us on a tour of the Alhambra in Granada.  It is, without a doubt, the most renowned building of the Islamic Andalusian region and a UNISCO World Heritage Site.


A spectacular site that you will be hard pressed to ever forget, it integrates the Islamic along with the Renaissance styles into one harmonious, elegant and impressive palace.


We will also step into the downtown area and enjoy lunch and some shopping at some of their local artisan shops.

BTN_ANTQA (1).png

Day 11:  Dolmens of Antiquera


Do you ever wonder why the ancient people created Stonehenge in England and why there, of all places?


Well, it turns out that Stonehenge is not unique!  Spain has something equivalent and it is called the Dolmens.  Located in the nearby town of Antiquera we find three unique sites that rival Stonehenge.  Recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, we invite you to step into these three megalithic monuments.


We will cap off the day with a tapas dinner at the Estate.

Sandeman Cellars - iStock-467101890 (1).

Day 12:  Jerez de la Frontera


Join us for a short trip to Jerez de la Frontera where you will attend a beautiful Andalusian riding horse show and exhibition.  We will then make our way over to one of the finest Sherry cellars Sandeman.  You will learn the history of how Sherry is made and sample their wines along with some tapas.


We will then travel back to the Estate so that you can prepare for your return home the next day.

iStock-136899512 - Buen Viaje.jpg

Day 13:  Buen Viaje!


We will depart Ronda at 7:30 AM for the drive back to Seville, either the airport or the train station, for your departures home.


As we say here in Spain, “Buen Viaje”, or Good Travels to all our new friends!

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